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City Investigates: Desperate Measures

A complicated, highly risky surgery. Six months of painful rehabilitation. £100,000 out of pocket. All for a few extra inches.

More and more men are paying the big bucks to have their leg bones smashed to bits and pulled apart with metal rods, in order to become taller. In some cases, children as young as fourteen are getting this done.

Desperate Measures sought to tell these stories, and from them glean something about the state of modern masculinity.

This isn’t a freakshow, or a chance to scratch the itch of morbid curiosity.

Instead, the podcast hopes to humanise the men going through with it, in order to give them the chance to explain in their own words why they felt the need to part with their money and time and go through such agony.  We also spoke with the surgeons performing leg-lengthening, and challenged whether they were doing the right thing.

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Friday 05/07/2024 21:35 BST

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